Seeing the Dream


“I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t envision it but I knew we had to keep talking about it.” – Dave Ezell

Mr. Ezell was talking about his 9 month old twin sons who are finally going home from the hospital! Born conjoined from chest to belly, then separated at one month old, his babies have beaten the odds. They have survived and are thriving. They finally get to go home and be a family! He and his wife have a reason to celebrate! He understands pushing forward against all odds. He knows by experience something we need to grab and hold onto for dear life: the importance of dreaming of what could be when we just won’t give up. Though their twins are still in process of getting to 100%, now he can see that they will get there. Even when he couldn’t see it, he and his wife never stopped talking about the day they would get to take them home. For me, that spotlights the importance of dreaming and believing out loud with your spouse or significant other even before you can truly see it…

Do you have trouble seeing what isn’t there yet? Sometimes I do. I need to dream out loud with my husband about those things that are in our hearts. I need to do it even if I can’t truthfully see it yet. I wonder what it is that’s before you —- the things you want —- the things you need —- that you can’t see yet? What do you want desperately but if you are honest today, you can’t see it and you’re not talking about it. Maybe you’re not talking about it because deep inside you feel it would just be too painful if it doesn’t happen and if you don’t talk about it, it might hurt less when it doesn’t happen… Is it your family whole again? Your marriage restored?  Is it a career you love that doesn’t feel like a job? Is it financial stability? For some, it’s a child. Infertility affects so many wonderful people. Maybe for you, it’s your health restored, your energy returning, your joy realized.

Whatever “it” is for you, take Mr. Ezell’s advice: talk about it and keep talking about it with your spouse or significant other. Read about it. Pray about it (prayer is just talking and listening to God, right?). Encourage yourself in the Lord and never, ever quit. Vision is a beautiful, empowering strength in your life. Take a few minutes and see what the Bible has to say on the subject. Check out Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary. Write the verses that speak to you. Let’s wait for it…let’s talk about it…until we can see.

Plan or Fail

There’s really no middle ground. If you want to feel that your next project, production or work went well after it’s over, plan now. There will always be a price for excellence. Part of the price is spending dedicated time to thorough planning. Everybody’s busy and everybody has the same 24 hours in a day so prioritize and don’t make excuses. They do not lead to success.

#MCM Love that man of mine!

#MCM Love that man of mine!


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